Welcome to the floors cafe.

The goal of the website is to make it easier to survey your metaverse tokens and wares.

If you are anything like me, your wallet contains masterpieces of fine art next to practically worthless animal faces. I take equal delight in investigating comparables for each. “Does my fidenza have a 1/1 unique white bar?” feels as good as “Are my 30 rabid racoon NFTs worth anything close to what I paid to mint them?”

Whether you are a collector, a flipper, or jaded bag-holder, the cafe is here for you.

The site was born from a desire to click less buttons on OpenSea. Sometimes sorting through OpenSea makes me feel like I’m going to Antiques Roadshow, where you stand in line for hours to hear the disappointing news of a low price projection. Think of the cafe as one outside the Roadshow venue, staffed by robots who tell you the approximate minimum value for your item. No waiting, no clicking, no sorting and no need to carry your wallet.

To maximise your time spent FOMOing into stupid drops, here are some tips to save you time:

-Clicking the OpenSea icon next to a project name immediately takes you to the project on Open Sea, “Buy Now” and sorted Low to High. The icon takes you to peruse the real floor.

-Clicking the floor price of a project links you directly to cheapest NFT in the collection on OpenSea.

-You can sort the tables by clicking the headers. This is helpful for lots of reasons.

If you want to have something added, find us on discord or on Twitter on the buttons at the top.